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"Callooh Callay Mother F*cker" 

"Sorry Sweet Cheeks. This Fuzzy Wuzzy Little Guy has a NEED FOR SPEED" 
  -Officer Avery as The White Rabbit

Alice   v.   WonderlanD

Order in the court! In the Wonderland justice system, tart based offenses are considered especially heinous. Alice finds herself at the mercy of the court and it seems the death penalty is inevitable. 

Fortunately, Alice has the right of Heinous Corpses and has been appointed counsel for the trial. Her legal team is comprised of people who have been abducted from the American Justice System. She is represented by: Public Defender Jesse Brickman, State Prosecutor Sam Donald Esquire, Bailiff Avery. 

Trials, tribulations, and other forms of entertainment work very differently in Wonderland. The legal team must reenact and dramatize Alice's Adventures in Wonderland for the court. The King of Hearts, serving as judge, determines which crimes Alice has committed since her arrival in Wonderland. 

The Jury, of course, will have their say. They are provided with a list of evidence, testimony, hearsay, and other possible differences in Alice's story. Wonderland is a monarchy with oligarchic leanings, and so the jury can donate money to change how the dramatization must be presented. 


"Scale 1-10 how f*ckable is that rabbit?" 
  -Jesse as The March Hare

"Alice. You are being charged with Stealing the Queen's tarts, eating the queen's tarts, and in general being a tart." 
  -The King of Hearts

"Why go chasing rabbits down holes if not to f*ck them?" 
  - Sam as The Mad Hatter


"The cast revel properly in this theatrical carnival"

   - The Utah Review: Great Salt Lake Fringe wraps up 9th edition with solid shows,

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