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Our  MoDel

Free  to  Attend

We want to serve as a trailhead into alternative theatre arts. That means eliminating barriers and the biggest barrier into the arts is cost. 

We eliminated ticket sales. This allowed those who would normally have to work in the box office to become active characters in the show. 

Furthermore, it allows people who would never otherwise go out to the theatre access to our performances.

Interactive  Experience

If our objective is to incite positive collective action, we need to pave the way for our audiences to do that. 

The fourth wall is placed BEHIND the audience, allowing them to assume characters in the show alongside the actors, ushers, and concessions staff. 

As their character, their objective is to disrupt the show by donating money to charity. There are up to 69 different ways the audience can change the show.

This make every showtime unique!


Mutual-AiD  Theatre

We partner with local charities and use theatre to help them fundraise. We specifically target small charities, new charities, and mutual-aid funds. 

In each program, we have information on the issue the audience donations are helping to address along with information on the charity. How to volunteer, how to support in the future, etc.

We aren't just raising awareness, we're giving our audience the tools to help build a better community and directing them toward the helpers.

CoMmunity  Focus

Donations are split between the charity and the cast and crew for their time and labor. All cast and crew are paid equally.

We abolished auditions. Instead, we host free community workshops on a regular basis. We cast from these workshops based on teamwork, passion, and a desire to uplift the community.

We put fun first when we rehearse and perform. We simply ask the audience to have fun with us and do good along the way.

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