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lords of misrule theatre co. The Lord of Misrule. RJ Walker Theatre. Lord of Misrule. Misrule theatre. Misrule theater co. Lords of misrule theatre company. LOM Theatre. Lords of Misrule Theatre Company. Lords of misrule theater. Misrule theater co. 

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SLC's    Punk   Thespians

Shows unlike any other. Interactive and free to attend.

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2024  Shows

MisrUle   at   TEDX Salt  Lake  City

Lords   of   Misrule Original     Plays


The Lord of Misrule

The show that started it all!

Pastor Lucas Carol is a corrupt televangelist and each year he shoots a live Christmas Special to steal money from his congregation.

This year, though, the show has been hijacked by a mob of Christmas Revelers. He will have to meet their demands and perform his production of A Christmas Carol the way they want... or else

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Feast of Fools

The Feast of Fools is an underground pranking event that elects a Lord of Misrule to execute an epic April Fools joke.


This year, The Lord of Misrule has established a fake “illuminati” organization called The Judas Society and has invited some wealthy elites to join.

All of them believe they have become wealthy and powerful enough to join The Judas Society and control society from the shadows. As a final test, they must perform The Great Passion Play and meet The Judas Society's demands, or The Lord of Misrule will release blackmail that he has on each of them. 

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The Haunting is YOU!

A historic theatre is putting on a production of M*cB*eth when tragedy strikes. A gas leak causes a fire that kills the entire audience. 

Not long after, a group of crypto-capitalists take over the theatre so that they can transform it into the new headquarters of $wag-Coin.


The ghost of the theatre manager has other plans, though, and locks them inside. It's up to the ghosts of the former audience to protect the theatre and frighten the truth out of these young venture capitalists. 


Court of Hearts

An interactive adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. The show takes place during the trail of Alice, which is at the ending of Lewis Carroll’s original story. The King of Hearts, serving as the judge, grants Alice the right to Heinous Corpses. This means that Alice receives representation from the American justice system during her trial.


The King demands that Alice, a public defender, a state prosecutor, and a bailiff reenact Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland so that he can determine which crimes Alice has committed. The Jury, played by The Audience, will be able to inject their own version of events into the court proceedings by making charitable donations during the show. 

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